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pinyin-pro is a professional JavaScript library for converting Chinese to Pinyin, with high accuracy, lightweight size, excellent performance, and rich functionality.

Among similar products, pinyin-pro has achieved a leading position in terms of accuracy, size, performance, functional richness and so on. The following are specific comparative data on performance and accuracy with similar competitors pinyin and @napi-rs/pinyin.

Test Environment

  • Device:
    • Brand and model: Lenovo XiaoXinPro-13ARE 2020
    • System:Windows10
    • RAM:16 GB
    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4800U 1.8GHz
  • Runtime Environment: Nodejs v18.12.1


Comparison itempinyin@napi-rs/pinyinpinyin-pro
Accuracy😕 Node 版: 94.097%😕 94.097%🤩 99.846%
😕 Web 版: 91.170%
Performance5,000 Chinese characters🐢 749.111ms🚲 200.877ms🚀 5.958ms
10,000 Chinese characters🐢 795.904s🚲 206.5ms🚀 15.260ms
1,000,000 Chinese characters⛔ Out Of Memory🚀 638.888ms🚀 607.131ms
CompatibilityBrowser✔️ Supported❌ Not Supported✔️ Supported
Node✔️ Supported✔️ Supported✔️ Supported

Data Source

  • More details on accuracy testing data: accuracy
  • More details on performance testing data: speed